1. All You Need To Know About Fishing In Lake Lanier

    Relaxation, reflection, and connection are a few words many people choose to use to describe fishing. Fishing this time of year (fall) is arguably the best time to go — the water is cooler and the fish are much more active. It’s also the best time for you because the weather is comfortable, beautiful foliage lines the lake, and the tourists has come and gone. Fishing is a relaxing activity, bu…Read More

  2. Boating Safety In The Fall

    As we enter fall, there are some differences in boating that should be taken into account as the weather becomes cooler. Dissimilarly to our post, Safety Tips For Boating, we will be exploring boating safety during fall. Water safety is very important to remember when you go on a boat, no matter if it’s your first time on a boat or your millionth, always remember the Do’s and Don’ts. Freedom…Read More

  3. Practice Water Safety With Children

    As the temperatures stay in the high 80s and 90s, boating has never sounded like such fun! If you are going to take one last vacation before the kids start school, then try to make it a boating family vacation. At Freedom Boat Club at Lake Lanier, we are a boating club located in Buford, GA, that offers great alternatives to boat ownership. At Freedom Boat Club Lake Lanier, we have a variety of wa…Read More

  4. Safety Tips For Boating

    Are you looking for a vacation spot for the summer? Or what about taking that family vacation you’ve been talking about? Check out Freedom Boat Club, a boating club at Lake Lanier, and a great family vacation spot. We are a boating club that has a passion for the boating lifestyle and will make sure that you have a grand time. To ensure you have an amazing time at Freedom Boat Club at Lake Lanie…Read More